web application development


Web Application Development

Current and recent web-development projects include a variety of web sites and applications for businesses in Northeast Florida.

In many cases I provide back-end database and programming support in collaboration with other web designers. Programming support frequently includes front-end Javascript and/or jQuery and Ajax. I've also developed and updated complete sites for and with business owners.

For several years I've served as the organizer for JaxPHP-JaxWeb.


Most recent projects support a variety of businesses in Northeast Florida.

But I've been building web sites for clients since 1995. (As in Netscape 1.0.)

Early projects supported energy-efficiency programs for government, non-profit and utility clients and included:

Later projects included a variety of database-driven web applications, providing:

Tools and Skills (and acronyms)

Several recent projects make use of:

These web sites and applications are mostly developed and hosted on LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) using the following tools: