This site is in the process of being replaced (belatedly, but now urgently) with an AngularJS SPA and updated content. Please check back again soon.

Long, not very interesting story. But just for the record, what you see now is an aging left-over from an earlier effort to use WordPress as a CMS for my personal website, pulling together a portfolio of public web sites and samples from more private web applications I’d worked on, presentations I’ve given and samples of other code I’d written along the way.

WordPress wasn’t my first choice for my own site, but over the years I’ve written code for a number of WordPress plug-ins and add-ons, while WordPress had evolved from a popular blogging platform to full-fledged and well-respected content management system (CMS). So I’d decided that continuing to develop and demonstrate WordPress skills (both back- and front-end) should be part of my portfolio and demonstrated on my personal web site.

Everything was working for me until I hit a serious and irritating snag: I was unable to include any of my reveal.js presentations in my WordPress site. And no-one else seemed to have a solution. Not my first or my only frustrating experience with WordPress, but the last straw for this effort. So I basically stopped updating the site and moved on to other projects. And just getting back to it now, with a backlog of newer material I want to share.

I still think WordPress is pretty tremendous for things it does well. First, people with absolutely no coding skills can update content ad nauseum. Second, there's a plug-in for anything you can think of, some totally lame, but some brilliant, which means you can leverage other people's skills to build a site with all kinds of custom features on a well-supported platform.

But not for my personal site, sorry. Just too much baggage.

(Still kind of like this minimalist style-sheet, though, so I'll probably keep that...)