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Don Myers, owner of tshirtbordello.com, is also a graphic designer and photographer. He regularly attends horror, Sci-fi and fantasy conventions to promote his t-shirts.

One of Don’s many marketing ideas was to offer free green-screen photos of fans in costume with captions on a blog site.

In addition to attracting on-site attention for his t-shirts, Don’s goal was SEO through a blog site with a regular supply of new, original content and a large number of links from fans.

And it worked, until a change in Google’s algorithms lowered its ranking.

I wrote the back-end PHP and MySQL for tshirtbordelloblog.com for Don to perform 4 major functions:

  1. support an interface at the convention for attendees to select their photo background, write a caption and add tags, and submit their email address;
  2. match up the photos with the background selection, caption and email in a database;
  3. for some conventions, use PHP graphic functions to add user-generated text to the image itself;
  4. after each convention, and after Don cleaned up any green-screen glitches, pull all of that content into the WordPress blog database, one post per photo, with tags, in a single PHP batch job.
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